Chemong Lake

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Picture of lakeChemong Lake, Ontario

Welcome to Chemong Lake in Ontario, where the fish are biting, and the water is inviting! This 3,800-acre freshwater playground is a haven for water enthusiasts and fishing fanatics. With depths reaching 50 feet, you can dive deep into the blue waters and explore the underwater world. If fishing is your jam, you’ll be in heaven with the bass, walleye, and perch waiting to be caught. And if you’re not much of a fisherman, don’t worry; there are plenty of cottages and resorts where you can relax and enjoy the view. The locals are friendly, the atmosphere is laidback, and the lake is simply gorgeous. So, whether you’re looking for an action-packed adventure or a lazy weekend by the water, Chemong Lake has got you covered.


44°24′N 78°23′W